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Head Coach & Trainer

Anthony Petosa   732-822-5048          Email – ABIGBIZZ@MSN.COM

Team  Magic

Team  Alliance

Team  Crushers

Team  Pride

Coaching area teams 18 years.   10 Years with Manalapan Soccer Club

Focus On First Touch - Body Position - Team Formation.

Head Coach Dave Samber

Team Avalanche U19

Coaching Manalapan Teams 12 years

Spring - Intramural

" Team Gladiators "    ~ Boy's ~

" Team Extreme "      ~ Girl's ~

BOY'S & Girl's 1999 and above!!!!

The intramural program is geared for players who love the game of soccer and want to stay in a competitive environment, 

Tactical & Ball Mastery Team Trainer

Coming Soon !!!

Dedicated keeper & Defensive Trainer 

Premier Performance Soccer Alliance

                                        Showcase Staff 

Showcase Director - Anthony Petosa

Coordinating Development Director - Mike Karlin

Recruiting Development Director -  Tracy Schreiber

Head Coach - Anthony Petosa

Head Coach - Dave Samber

  Premier Performance Soccer Alliance

      Non Profit Training Organization